The Waffleman started in 2001 with 10 waffle irons for a fundraiser at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, where Doug McCallum blew the fuses his first night in business but didn’t blow his chance to start a fundraising phenomenon. Over the next 14 years, Doug served more than 400,000 waffles, 826,000 sausages, 11,349 gallons of syrup, 10,088 quarts of whipped cream, and too many strawberries to count. Most importantly, he served at 1,261 events, and helped raise $500,000 for charity.

Doug and Bill

Waffleman Doug hands over the fork to Waffleman Bill

In August 2015, Bill Maltas took over as The Waffleman after Doug’s retirement. Bill holds a master’s degree in arts and nonprofit administration from Drexel University in Philadelphia. His main focus continues to be supporting local non-profits and helping them raise money through fundraising.

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