Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of any fundraising event or individual catering event must be sent in writing to The Waffleman™ 2440 Jameson South, Lincoln, NE 68512. Any cancellation received within 30 days of the event may result in a fee to The Waffleman™ equal to 25% minimum (catering minimum is $700 (100 x $7.00) and fundraising minimum is $800 (200 x $4.00).

Any cancellation received less than 30 days in advance of the scheduled event will result in a fee of 50% of the minimum.

Any cancellation received after the final guarantee (7 days prior to the event) has been provided will result in a fee equal to 100% of the charges on the affected event. The minimum charge will be paid in full as if the event were held and only the minimum numbers were obtained.

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