Fundraising Events

The Waffleman™ FUNdraisers are all about a win-win opportunity. Our events are perfect for any non-profit organization that wants to raise money for a worthy cause. Whether you want to hold a charity fundraising event, or you are looking for non-profit marketing ideas, The Waffleman™ is here to help. You get a stress-free and creative fundraising event that is both profitable and delicious.

The costs to hold a fundraiser depends on the size of the gathering and the distance traveled.

  • Contact us for fundraiser pricing! 402-560-0938 or email
  • For events 0 – 100 miles from Lincoln, we require a 200 person minimum plus a possible transportation fee.
  • For events 101 – 150 miles from Lincoln, we require a 300 person minimum plus a transportation fee.
  • For events 151 – 200 miles from Lincoln, we require a 400 person minimum plus a transportation fee.
  • $100 deposit is required to hold the date. This deposit will be put toward your final payment, which is due the day of the event.
  • Minimum number of attendees is always required.
  • Transportation costs will be added for events over 50 miles from 27th & Old Cheney as calculated by Google Maps.

Please call to inquire if you have any questions about the minimums and exact transportation fee amount for your event before booking.

  1. Your organization books the event, advertises the event and pre-sells the tickets.
  2.  The Waffleman™ comes in and cooks the Belgian Waffles, providing whipped cream and your choice of five different flavors of syrup. We’ll even throw on some scrumptious Waffleman sausage to cap off a grand meal. We bring our own rolling tables with 15 to 25 waffle irons. For more information, visit the Your Requirements page.
  3. In the end, all the profits belong to the organization.

We’ll even help you promote your event. We’ll provide you with your own custom event posters, event tickets, and create volunteer information sheets right off our website.

For more information about our events, open dates, and possibilities, call The Waffleman™

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