Waffleman FAQ’s

Waffleman FAQ’s

Can the food trailer come and do a fundraiser?

There is a yes and a no to this. The food trailer in general is not meant to do fundraisers the way we normally do them because of its limitations: it only contains 5 waffle irons, therefore is not set up to feed an all-you-can-eat type of crowd. However, you can have the Waffleman Food trailer come to your event and we will happily give back a portion of sales to your organization. You just won’t make as much as you would at one of our fundraisers.

What is the difference between a Waffleman fundraiser, the Waffleman food trailer and Waffleman Express?

A Waffleman fundraiser is intended for larger groups (200 or more) and is designed to help your organization make as much money from the event as possible. Fundraising is still the core of our business and is a lot of fun for your community, school, or church and is as much a community event as it is a money maker for your organization. Fundraisers use our signature waffle recipe, plus sausage and 6 types of syrup. We supply everything except drinks, your organization supplies electricity, volunteers, and drinks.

Waffleman Express is designed for catering to smaller groups (100 people or less) and is NOT a fundraising method. It is mainly used for private parties where a 100 person minimum is not feasible, but it is still all-you-can-eat (just like our fundraisers) and everything Waffleman is still included! It’s the best way you can serve your office, graduation party or small gathering.

The Waffleman Food Trailer is new this year (2019). It is NOT all-you-can-eat, but it has its own fun advantages and features an expanded menu such as waffles-on-a-stick, and flavored and premium waffles as well as our original. It is a fun way to serve a group or festival. (Minimums may still apply.)

To get more details or a quote, just email us at wafflemanbill@gmail.com, or fill out the “Get a quote,” page to get more details for your organization!

Can we do flavored waffles at a fundraiser?

Unfortunately, due to food costs and time constraints, we are unable to offer our flavored our specialty waffles at fundraisers.

How far do you travel?

I have yet to find the distance to which I won’t travel. However, do keep in mind that the further I travel, the larger the minimums become. For example, in the Southeast Nebraska area, the minimum is 200 people for a fundraiser. If the distance traveled is over 90 miles, however, the minimum may be 300, 400, or more. There are ways around the larger minimums. Email me for more details!

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