Your Requirements

For the event to be successful, you or your organization needs to provide:

  1. ELECTRIC SERVICE for the waffle irons (CRITICAL – A MUST HAVE ITEM)
    • Prefer TWO – 220’s (One required) – 220 Volt SINGLE phase with a standard 4 wire plug (50A 125/250V) on a 50-60 amp breakers.
    • Three – Four  110 volt outlets on separate breakers (20 – 30 amp each)
    • The second 220 can be on a 30 amp breaker but we PREFER a 50 or 60) This allows us to run the maximum # of irons possible.
    • A suitable substitute is a Caterpillar Generator XQ20 STANDBY    20 kW PRIME    18 kW 60 Hz.  This will work (fine) if you don’t have (a)
  2. Provide ample room to roll our 6 ft x 2 ft tables (with our waffle irons) into your cooking area. WE CAN NOT DO STAIRS – SORRY! Freight elevators will work but passenger elevators usually will not work. (Also see #10 below regarding space needed for Wally™ The Waffle Bear)
  3. KITCHEN for food preparation
    • Oven or Range (Convection if possible)
    • Large sink/s to do dishes (especially large sheet trays)
    • Hot & cold water
    • 4′ to 6′ of clear counter space
    • 3 (110) outlets – separate from what is needed above for the irons.
  4. Two TABLES six foot in length in the serving area for the syrups, butter and whipped cream.
  5. BEVERAGES are to be provided by YOU. Your choice of drinks and the cups.
  6. VOLUNTEERS (for fundraisers) are a MUST!!! Critical – Vital – Mandatory are the volunteers. Please!!
    • 8 – 10 people * To help unload & load waffle trailer, mix batter, cook and serve sausage, mix and serve whipped cream, set and re-set tables, pick up trash and clean up PLUS  All dishes will need to be done by volunteers.
  7. MEET YOUR MINIMUMS (for fundraisers)
    • 200 minimum required if site is  0 – 100 miles from Lincoln
    • 300 minimum if site is more than 101 – 150 miles from Lincoln
    • 400 minimum if site is more than 151 – 200 miles from Lincoln
    • 500 minimum if site is more than 200 – 300 miles from Lincoln
    • 700 minimum if site is more than 301 miles from Lincoln
  8. Advertise & Advertise More (for fundraisers)
  9. Pre sell tickets as much as possible – this is your Key to Profits! (for fundraisers)
  10. [optional] Adequate space for the set up of Wally™ ( 10 ft radius behind The Waffleman™ totally protected from people) and proper air circulation needed to operate Wally™!  We reserve the right not to use Wally™ if there is not enough room, proper air circulation or inclement weather conditions.
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