The Light at the end of the tunnel

Hello to all of my waffle fans!

I am excited to announce a new look to my website which includes a new online store so that you can purchase the same Golden Malted products that I use to make my waffles (along with the secret instructions on how to make them at home just like I do) as well as syrups and other products to come! They make great gifts! If you need many, please contact me about a case purchase at a discounted price (6-8 bags per case!) If you live in Lincoln NE, message me directly through email ( or Messenger, and I will deliver or meet you personally rather than buying through the website. I offer cash discounts for those who can order that way.

It has been a difficult year for all of us, and I’m sure we are all craving a return to normal when we can get together and fundraise again for schools, churches and other needy groups. As you prepare for the holidays, please think of those who are struggling and do what you can for them. The “pay it forward” tab idea for local bars is one of the greatest ideas ever!

Take care of each other and watch out for the Waffleman trailer to roll out again in the spring. I will update my Facebook and website with the schedule once that happens. If you want to book me for your company or event in the meantime, please do!

Take care and mask up!

The Waffleman

Bill M

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