Long time, no see!

Being The Waffleman has many, many perks. As I have stated before, one of my favorites is getting to travel throughout our great state and meeting all of the great people it has to offer.

Attached to this post are just a few of the pictures I have taken throughout the year of people enjoying and eating my waffles, as well as some of the many volunteers who helped to serve them.

Having a Waffleman event means community. More than the average fundraiser and more than just eating, people in the local community or school rally around a cause and have a fun time raising money to support a group that gives back in their own community.

Whether big town or small, the results are undeniable. People love when The Waffleman comes to town! Just last week, I was in Omaha at an elementary school. As I was backing in, their after-school program was out on the playground. The screams of “Waffleman!! WAFFLEMAN!! The Waffleman’s here!” from the kids warmed my heart.

It made me feel like a Beatle or Elvis Presley, even for just a moment…

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