Introducing…Waffleman Xpress!

Another busy season is just around the corner and I am getting ready slowly but surely! I have some terrific new bookings coming up with people that I have never worked with before and I am really excited to form some new relationships!

Every year, I do a “summer project,” since summer is usually my slow season. This year, along with cleaning and refurbishing some of my regular waffle tables (something which happens EVERY year), I have been working on a a new concept which is now ready for launch: Waffleman Xpress!

I have received many phone calls and requests from businesses or private parties wanting me to come in and do waffles for them, but they only had maybe 40 people they were feeding. In the past, I kept my minimum booking for any group at 100 people which left those smaller groups with NO WAFFLES! Why the 100 person minimum you ask? Because the way I was set up before, no matter how many people I was feeding I had to bring my entire trailer with me with all five waffle tables…even if I was only going to use one. So the labor and the gas and the

What I have done now is “up-cycled,” and modified an old Ferno ambulance gurney (see the picture!) which is now outfitted with 5 irons. So all I have to do is put that one table in the back of my truck with some waffle batter and sausage, and off I go! So my minimum booking is now only 25 people! And here’s the best part…no extreme electrical requirements! Just 3-4 regular outlets on separate breakers!

So to all of you who were frustrated that I couldn’t come and feed your offices, your birthday parties, your morning meetings…I apologize. Let me make it up to you! Check out the link under the “Events,” tab and book your Waffleman Xpress event today! 20180718_172905.jpg

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