A Year of Change

Hello, Everyone!

I have been remiss in updating my website. (So sorry!) Some of you may notice that I have taken down my store. That was a “pandemic experiment,” designed to drive sales of my stock when things were slow. I am fortunate to say now that things are beginning to look up once again!

Last year (2020) at this time, I was completely shuttered due to the pandemic. During this time of year, I am usually booked with fundraisers for schools and churches and other non-profit groups. However, last year the Directed Health Measures capped gatherings at no more than 50. When you have a business model that requires a 200 person minimum for a fundraisers, that pretty much puts the kibosh on that!

So, I held on by doing small parties and by selling my wares to local people who wished to support me (and THANK YOU ALL for that!) The GOOD news is that the food trailer business was booming last year and I booked I believe 26 out of 31 days in July. I expect numbers this year to be similar as I am targeting more community celebrations and county fairs this year. So if you are wanting The Waffleman in your neighborhood or small gathering, NOW is the time to book!

I also ended up replacing my truck this year. The food trailer was just too much weight for the ol’ Tundra to pull, so I ended up getting a Ram diesel. I am hoping to get it decked out with my logos at some point this year, so fingers crossed for that!

I hope that your New Year is great, and that I get to see each of you at least once this year…either at my trailer or at a fundraiser for your favorite charity.

Waffleman Bill

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