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Hello, to all my friends and fans! I have been remiss once again in updating my landing page, so here is the new and improved version!

It has been a whirlwind of the past few years, with coming out of the pandemic, growing my business, running both the food trailer and fundraising setups, and just life in general happening with all of that.

First of all…for those who did not know this, I am now working part time for my former employer: Sartor Hamann Jewelers at Southpointe. That’s right! If you need waffles, or diamonds or just a gift for someone, I’m the guy to see! I had originally gone back to help them make it through the busy Christmas rush back at the end of 2021, and nearly 2 years later, I’m still there. This, to me, is a testament to what a good family business they are and how ethically they treat people. Sartor’s shares many of the same philosophies that I do when it comes to business.

For The Waffleman, this can complicate scheduling, though. As a potential client need to know that the days of calling two weeks ahead of time are essentially over. Right now, I tend to book about about two plus months in advance because I am now juggling both schedules. You can always call and ask, of course. If it will work with my schedule, I will do my best to accommodate.

I am hugely grateful for those who book me to help with celebrations and fundraising. The post-pandemic world has been very good for The Waffleman, increasing my business in the realm of getting people to come back to work, church, school, etc with celebration. And what better way than with Waffleman waffles? It makes up for the 6 months that nearly shuttered my business for good! Thankfully, I was able to pivot and keep things going!

So keep in touch, keep healthy, keep kindness and keep eating. I will be there to fill your bellies!

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