Top tips for turning a good Waffleman fundraiser into a GREAT Waffleman fundraiser!


So you’ve heard about The Waffleman and his wonderful waffle events but have never hosted one before yourself? Here are just a few hints that we have gathered over time that will make sure you maximize your waffling!

  • Make sure the electrical supply is in great shape

-No/poor electrical supply means no waffles or delays as we deal with popped circuts, etc. Having the electrical supply right from the beginning ensures a great time for everyone!

  • Make sure your volunteer staff is in place (and over-fill the back end!)

-With Cameron as my full-time kitchen manager, we sometimes don’t need as many volunteers in the kitchen. The more help we have, the easier and more fun it will be working the event! One recommendation that I get from people looking back on their events is to have more people scheduled at the END of the event to help clean up. People are tired (especially if they have been working the event the whole time) and want to get things done as quickly as possible.

  • Go for the captive audience!

-Schedule your event alongside another event that is already happening with your organization. If there is already going to be a church service, concert, basketball game, or meeting already, why not schedule The Waffleman to come and feed all those hungry people?

  • Make The Waffleman your “bonus source” of fundraising!

-Make your first source a silent auction, family activity night, or other money-making event for your organization. Then the money your group makes from having The Waffleman there is just gravy! (Or syrup!)

  • Consider having a “topping sign-up.”

-The Waffleman brings everything you need for a complete Waffle feed fundraiser from 6 different kinds of syrup and whipped cream right down to the plates and napkins! But what if sponsoring families pitched in and brought things like fresh strawberries, marshmallows, and chocolate chips? This has the potential to make your waffle feed a lot of fun! (Do be cognizant of those with food allergies however!)

If you have hosted The Waffleman before and can think of anything you would like me to add to this list, please message me!

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