New year, new look, new digs!

Hello, all!

On September 1st, I celebrated my 1 year anniversary taking over as The Waffleman from original Waffleman Doug McCallum. It has been a great year and I have had some time to reflect on all of YOU who have made the transition go smoothly and who have kept the Waffleman tradition alive!

The best part about being The Waffleman is getting to travel this great state of ours and meeting some of the best people Nebraska has to offer. Helping worthy causes raise money is a large part of what I do, but I have learned over the past year that it certainly isn’t all I do.

Throwing a waffle feed brings a sense of community to the people who sponsor and attend. In these days of extreme busy-ness, it is harder and harder to get people to connect with each other. Usually, we (including myself) are too busy running from one thing to another to enjoy each others company. A Waffleman event brings people together over good old comfort food to enjoy each other’s company and take just a little time away from their phones, their work, and their worries.

A few things are changing in the upcoming year (mostly cosmetic). I have re-painted the waffle tables and outfitted them with my new logo and caricature. I also have a new storefront! You can come and see me at 1232 High Street, Suite 2 in Lincoln! Although I am usually only there by appointment, if the lights are on, feel free to stop in and say “Hi!”

Check out the pictures of my newly outfitted tables and the front window of my new store!


Waffleman Bill


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  1. RaeJean Ziegelbein

    Do you have any postings that say where you will be and the dates? I understand you will be in Elmwood the 9th of October. Is that correct?

    Rae Jean Ziegelbein

    • Yes, Rae Jean…

      If you look towards the top of my website, you will see a link that says Calendar of Events. That will tell you where I will be and at what times.

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