It’s never too early!

Hello, all!

I had a great summer and am kicking off my second year with a bang!  I have met some wonderful people across this great state of ours and I am looking forward to travelling to all corners of our state bringing happiness and waffles along!

This year, I have had an unusual amount of people calling me already for booking their graduation parties in May and June. Last year, I didn’t begin receiving those calls until January/February.  This year, I already have 3 graduation parties booked for May and June! An increasing number of my repeat customers are choosing to rebook the day of their events, locking in next year’s date before I leave.

Point is, I often get asked how far in advance people should book. My motto is: it’s never too early! I already have a couple of bookings all the way into 2018! The earlier you go, the more choices you get on securing the exact date you want! (I’ve already had a couple of events I had to say “no” to because I had already been booked.)

Basically, it never hurts to ask. Even if you don’t book “right then,” you will at least have the information for when you are ready! So fill out my inquiry form and don’t hesitate to ask away!


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