Feeling the Love!

It’s February!  That wonderful time of the year to celebrate all things love!

It’s been a cold winter this year…so much so that I have had 4 events cancel or postpone on me this year due to the weather.  That’s unheard of in Waffleman world.  Fortunately, 3 out of the 4 were able to reschedule into February, March and April.  So those that missed out on our waffle-y goodness  will have their chance when we get there in the coming weeks.

Speaking of things I love, I love the amount of energy and enthusiasm that greets me every time I arrive at a location. The cries of “The Waffleman’s here!” ring out and go straight to my heart. I told my wife Ranelle that she really needs to experience what it sounds like when I pull up to an elementary school when the playground is full of kids.  It’s like my own version of being a rock star.

And finally speaking of rock stars…we have yet another new Waffle champion from Omaha Gross High school who was at the Beatrice High School Booster Club fundraiser. This young man ate 8 entire Waffleman waffles! If you know who he is (I forgot to get his name), please tag him, thank him and congratulate him for being such a fan!Record breaker

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