Something Special

This past weekend, I was thinking of all the ways that my life has been blessed. Two great kids, a loving wife, and an amazing job that takes me all over the state just to help people.

I love all of the fundraisers I do…helping schools, churches, communities, first responders, etc. But there are some fundraisers that are particularly meaningful: when someone throws a fundraiser for a family that has been hit hard by illness or tragedy.

This is when we get to see the Midwest at its best! Seeing an entire community show up to support one of their own, to contribute, to help, and to make sure that this one individual will be taken care of.

This past month, I’ve done two of these types of fundraisers.  These pictures are from one of them that was so well attended, that I out-served their seating capacity and people were left standing around eating their waffles! Did they complain? No! Because they saw the greater good.

So again, I say: Thank you to everyone who supports everything we do, and especially for supporting those that we help. YOU make all the difference.

-Bill M.20190409_18254520190409_18251020190409_182435

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