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Hello, all!

Many people have asked me about the current pandemic and whether I see it affecting my business. When a national emergency like this comes along, it makes everyone step back and take a look at many aspects of their lives. All I can tell you is: this is big. Really big.

For those of us who have been around for a while, this will be to the younger generation their 9/11, their Kennedy Assassination, and their Great Depression. The kind of event they will be telling their kids and grand-kids alike.

But when major tragedies like this happen, I think of Mister Rogers who once told one of his viewers: “In times of tragedy, look for the helpers. The police, the doctors, the fire fighters, even regular people will step up to help out.”

That is what is so great about our state: the helpers. Our University Medical Center prepared themselves when news first broke and said: “Send us the sick. We are ready.” Just like we did with SARS and Ebola. Our state tends to stick together to make it through tough times. We proved it with the floods, and we will prove it again.

So remember to be kind to each other as always. When things return to normal, help those who are deeply affected by this turn of events by going out to eat, seeing a live show, and going to a sporting event. It will take time for all of us to recoup our losses from this pandemic. We may never fully recoup in fact. But we will perservere.

So wash your hands, and try to donate extra to your local food banks and pantries. Remember…poor people can’t afford to stock up and will need our help in the coming weeks more than ever.


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