A Time of Need

Hello, to all Waffle fans! I hope you are doing well and not going too stir crazy just yet. Many people have contacted me and have asked how they support The Waffleman during this time. Here is what I have come up with:

Since I can’t make waffles for you live right now (the food trailer will be up and running as soon as we are able), you can help support The Waffleman by buying a bulk bag of mix from us, so you can enjoy The Waffleman right in your own home! $15 will buy you a nearly 4lb bag of our special waffle flour, plus the secrets on how to make waffles at home “The Waffleman Way.” Call or text 402-560-0938 to make an order, or email us at wafflemanbill@gmail.com

One bag of mix will make 32-40 home waffles, and I even tell you how to divide things out so you don’t have to make them all at once! This way, you can support your favorite local business 🙂 and still enjoy the waffles that you wish I was making for you! We will deliver to your door, or set up a time to meet you at my offices. at 3900 S. 6th St #5

The name of this post is “A Time of Need.” I realize that many people out there are food insecure. If you (or someone you know) falls into this category, have them get a hold of me and I will GIVE their family a bag of mix with presentation of a SNAP card.

So there you have it! Buy a bag of waffle flour and continue to support our mission to help Nebraska fundraise and grow. We will get through this together. In the mean time, get some comfort food! I am on Venmo @wafflemanbill and on Paypal at brmaltas@hotmail.com

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