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Team Jack and The Ultimate Test Drive

Hello, everyone!

Hopefully, the title of this post sounds like a really cool children’s book! I have the opportunity to share a most amazing event with you! On Sunday, October 15th, The Waffleman and Baxter Toyota are teaming up!

I will be at Baxter Toyota and Lexus’ new south store on Yankee Hill Road from 8 in the morning until around 3 in the afternoon! We are doing a REALLY fun event while raising money for the Team Jack foundation fighting against pediatric brain cancer. Here’s the deal:

Baxter needs to move their entire Toyota and Lexus inventory from the north location near 27th and I-80 to the south location near 33rd and Yankee Hill Road. So they are sponsoring “The Ultimate Test Drive!” If you are looking for a new car, or if you just want to drive a new Toyota, come to their north store starting at 8am and help them drive their inventory across town to their new location! That’s all there is to it! You get to test drive some really fun cars (there will be a bus waiting at the south location to take you back north to your car or so that you can drive another one!)

Plus, there is all-you-can eat waffles at the south store just waiting for you! If you come around lunch time, I will have burgers and dogs too! (Yes, I can run a grill too!) 100% of the donations that we take in that day will go to benefit Team Jack. So please come and join us for waffles, family fun, and support of this amazing cause!

The Waffleman

Fall into Waffles!

Hello again, everyone!

Fall is one of my favorite times of year (as it is for many)! The cool nights and the warm days make for perfect comfort food weather…mac and cheese, chili and cinnamon rolls, and…oh, yes! Waffles!

I have been working this summer as music director of Pinewood Bowl’s annual summer musical: The Little Mermaid for the 5th consecutive year (, as well as at TADA theater directing the pit for Smokey Joe’s Cafe ( Since the summer is my “slow season, I have also been working on making Waffleman improvements!

First of all is the “changing of the irons.” That’s right! If you have not experienced The Waffleman in a while, I now have new irons which cook a whole minute faster than the antiques! (Pictures of the old vs. the new are attached) That may not sound like much, but in the waffle world, that is a 33% BUMP in efficiency! This means I can get through a several hundred person event in less than an hour!

There are other changes coming, but they are still in the works and I’m not “quite” ready to announce them yet…but stay tuned, dear readers! Make sure to check out my Calendar of Events to see when I will be in your area! And if you want to book me, do so quickly! Times and dates are filling up fast!

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And so we commence…

May is here! And I am way behind in updating my website! May brings us a lot of things…flowers, green trees (here in Nebraska anyway) and the end of school. For many families as well as The Waffleman, it brings graduation season.

It has always struck me that graduation ceremonies are usually called “commencement.” As you will often hear during this time of year, the word “commence,” means to begin. Personally, I like many of the synonyms that I found in the thesaurus: get going, launch, initiate, get cracking, kick off, and hit the ground running. Even though it is the ending of a major portion of your life (schooling), it really is a start of something much bigger!

The most difficult thing to keep in mind before life sweeps you up is to make time for the important things. Along with your job or schooling, make sure you make time to relax, enjoy family time, and volunteer any place you can. Dividing your life into equal portions is probably the toughest thing you will have to face. And remember to keep that “attitude of gratitude.” Be thankful for everyone who is in your life for whatever reason they may be there. I am personally really thankful for all of my friends and family and also for all of the wonderful organizations who have booked me again or who have tried me out for the first time. You are the reason I love my work!

So whatever the next step of your personal journey is, get out, get your feet wet, start the ball rolling, and jump into the next step with as much enthusiasm as you can muster!

Remember the LOVE!

It’s been awhile since I last posted. Since then, much has gone on in our country, in our world, and in our  lives.

As The Waffleman, I often find myself in the unique position of helping people out during a hard time in their lives. Sometimes, we are fundraising for new school, or church,  or civic equipment, or for a special trip for a school band or choir. But sometimes, we are fundraising to help someone cover medical expenses or funeral expenses. It is during these times that I get to see communities at their best. Rallying around people and helping one another.

No matter what you think of our current climate in politics or in the world, remember that no matter what, we will always have each other. That is something that is bigger than any government or policy. That is why I love doing my Waffle events! Getting to see people at their best, coming together as a community and enjoying themselves.

Since February is often a month where we celebrate LOVE, remember that when it comes right down to it, I think we truly do love each other. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have hundreds of people show up to support the organizations that I work with every day!

Peace, love, and Waffles!!!

-Waffleman Bill

Friends in high places

Now is the time of year that we think about friends and family the most. As I reflect on growing up in Nebraska, the thing I think about most often is the wonderful people who live here.

Whether farm or city, Nebraska (and Midwest) people are some of the nicest, most genuine people you will ever hope to meet. They work hard, they play hard, and they genuinely care about their neighbors.

During this holiday season, remember to think about those you love and care for, as well as those who have to do without. Remember…Santa and The Waffleman are watching!

Looking back…and forward.

The best thing about being The Waffleman (as I’ve said before) is the chance to travel throughout Nebraska and meet some of the most amazing people! Last week, I was fundraising for the Stromsburg Volunteer Ambulance Service.

Today, I realized during my event in Seward for the Seward 4-H Foundation that I had reached another milestone as The Waffleman! Today was officially the last event that I worked that was scheduled by original Waffleman Doug McCallum. Everything from here on is all new!

While I constantly am looking forward to bringing new waffle-y things to the good citizens of Nebraska, on days like this, I can’t help but look back and be so grateful for everything that has come before me. Doug left a terrific legacy of goodwill throughout the state and I (as always) am honored to carry on his tradition.

-Bill “Waffleman 2.0” Maltas

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It’s never too early!

Hello, all!

I had a great summer and am kicking off my second year with a bang!  I have met some wonderful people across this great state of ours and I am looking forward to travelling to all corners of our state bringing happiness and waffles along!

This year, I have had an unusual amount of people calling me already for booking their graduation parties in May and June. Last year, I didn’t begin receiving those calls until January/February.  This year, I already have 3 graduation parties booked for May and June! An increasing number of my repeat customers are choosing to rebook the day of their events, locking in next year’s date before I leave.

Point is, I often get asked how far in advance people should book. My motto is: it’s never too early! I already have a couple of bookings all the way into 2018! The earlier you go, the more choices you get on securing the exact date you want! (I’ve already had a couple of events I had to say “no” to because I had already been booked.)

Basically, it never hurts to ask. Even if you don’t book “right then,” you will at least have the information for when you are ready! So fill out my inquiry form and don’t hesitate to ask away!


New year, new look, new digs!

Hello, all!

On September 1st, I celebrated my 1 year anniversary taking over as The Waffleman from original Waffleman Doug McCallum. It has been a great year and I have had some time to reflect on all of YOU who have made the transition go smoothly and who have kept the Waffleman tradition alive!

The best part about being The Waffleman is getting to travel this great state of ours and meeting some of the best people Nebraska has to offer. Helping worthy causes raise money is a large part of what I do, but I have learned over the past year that it certainly isn’t all I do.

Throwing a waffle feed brings a sense of community to the people who sponsor and attend. In these days of extreme busy-ness, it is harder and harder to get people to connect with each other. Usually, we (including myself) are too busy running from one thing to another to enjoy each others company. A Waffleman event brings people together over good old comfort food to enjoy each other’s company and take just a little time away from their phones, their work, and their worries.

A few things are changing in the upcoming year (mostly cosmetic). I have re-painted the waffle tables and outfitted them with my new logo and caricature. I also have a new storefront! You can come and see me at 1232 High Street, Suite 2 in Lincoln! Although I am usually only there by appointment, if the lights are on, feel free to stop in and say “Hi!”

Check out the pictures of my newly outfitted tables and the front window of my new store!


Waffleman Bill


Top tips for turning a good Waffleman fundraiser into a GREAT Waffleman fundraiser!


So you’ve heard about The Waffleman and his wonderful waffle events but have never hosted one before yourself? Here are just a few hints that we have gathered over time that will make sure you maximize your waffling!

  • Make sure the electrical supply is in great shape

-No/poor electrical supply means no waffles or delays as we deal with popped circuts, etc. Having the electrical supply right from the beginning ensures a great time for everyone!

  • Make sure your volunteer staff is in place (and over-fill the back end!)

-With Cameron as my full-time kitchen manager, we sometimes don’t need as many volunteers in the kitchen. The more help we have, the easier and more fun it will be working the event! One recommendation that I get from people looking back on their events is to have more people scheduled at the END of the event to help clean up. People are tired (especially if they have been working the event the whole time) and want to get things done as quickly as possible.

  • Go for the captive audience!

-Schedule your event alongside another event that is already happening with your organization. If there is already going to be a church service, concert, basketball game, or meeting already, why not schedule The Waffleman to come and feed all those hungry people?

  • Make The Waffleman your “bonus source” of fundraising!

-Make your first source a silent auction, family activity night, or other money-making event for your organization. Then the money your group makes from having The Waffleman there is just gravy! (Or syrup!)

  • Consider having a “topping sign-up.”

-The Waffleman brings everything you need for a complete Waffle feed fundraiser from 6 different kinds of syrup and whipped cream right down to the plates and napkins! But what if sponsoring families pitched in and brought things like fresh strawberries, marshmallows, and chocolate chips? This has the potential to make your waffle feed a lot of fun! (Do be cognizant of those with food allergies however!)

If you have hosted The Waffleman before and can think of anything you would like me to add to this list, please message me!

Summer Time!

It’s been a while since my last post, so I thought I would bring you up to date on what is going on in Waffleman world!

Summer time is usually low season for the Waffleman since schools and church groups (who make up the bulk of my business) are on a break…although I did have quite a busy June doing employee appreciation events for several companies and working at community festivals. One of the best things about my work is that I get to travel our beautiful state and some of the best people around!

Some exciting changes are also coming to The Waffleman. Don’t worry…the recipe remains the same and the waffles will be delicious as always! Most of the changes will just be cosmetic. A little paint, a little cleaning, and I will be ready to ramp up my busy season once again at the end of August. Stay tuned for some pictures and more updates!

In the meantime, I have also been filling my summer hours in my fourth season as musical director for Pinewood Bowl’s summer musical, now in its 67th year! We are putting on Seussical, the Musical: a terrific family story that combines almost all of Dr. Seuss’ best-loved stories into one great show! We run the next two weekends, and if you haven’t ever been to a Pinewood musical, I highly recommend it! It is very inexpensive family entertainment and a great way to spend your summer evenings.Seussical cover